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Review: Saving Ceecee Honeycutt

Written by eastern writer on Friday, February 11, 2011

Title: Saving Ceecee Honeycutt
Author: Beth Hoffman
Publisher: Penguin
Pages: 306
Publication Date: January 12, 2010

Cecilia Rose-hereinafter called CeeCee-just got back from shopping with my mother. The father who found a number of shopping rage.

"How much money have you been spending?" Asked the father.
"Daddy, we've been shopping for weeks, but We Got everything was for free," CeeCee said innocently.

By CeeCee, all the groceries were obtained for free by providing a plastic box to the shopkeeper and he and his mother was released to take whatever they like. While his father got angry and CeeCee with the innocence of his children tried to defend her mother, the mother ignored it instead cool-read magazine.

CeeCee's father grumbled. He condemned the act of Camille, his wife. "How many times do I have to tell you? This has got to stop. No more credit cards. You keep this up and you'll put us in the poor house. You hear me? "

After the commotion, his mother's behavior changed. He liked the style of grooming young children because she was still young-mentioned that she suffered from psychiatric disorders, his consciousness was taken to a time in the past. Lipstick covered, would not only menor, but tacky! CeeCee's mother unnatural behavior is no doubt become the laughingstock of neighbors, as well as friends CeeCee taunts at school.

Actually, after the commotion, there is little explanation given by Camille at CeeCee-perhaps this can be to navigate the madness that diidap by CeeCee's mother. He says he feels uncomfortable to have a husband who was much older. CeeCee was then asked how many memangnya aged father, and answered in the top 50, and he himself admitted was 30tahun. I do not know whether these signs of disorder, or is actually happening. But his father's job as a sales around the home only once in 3 weeks, enough could explain how the lack of communication within the family.

In short, small CeeCee live in a troubled family. Parents are not perfect. His mother is stressed, and his father, who busy themselves with work. In such situations, CeeCee find friends his life was the book. Every day he spent at home by reading a book in the room. Occasionally his mother came, opened her door, asking for his comments. "How CeeCee, beautiful mother is not it?" "What about shoe mother, beautiful is not it?" CeeCee inwardly at odds with her mother's behavior. How beautiful, dressed just kind ondel2, how beautiful, wear shoes too big. But he always said to not make the mother's offense. "Yes, mother is very beautiful." But it could also, CeeCee give that answer, so she quickly left, never again interfere with the time to read it, along with best friend: a book.

Small CeeCee often imagine my friends at school. They go to school escorted her mother. They play in jagai mother. But it was not he feels. Since the commotion, the mother quarrels with his father, his mother was no longer berpern properly. He was cool himself with his insanity, and the father was busy with his work. CeeCee really wanted to share with his father, shows the results ulangannya at school, what was taught by his teacher, but always said his father was busy. Some other time, and opportunity "next time" that were promised never came.

Until one fateful incident, her mother died hit by a truck. However, this event apparently opened a new stage of life for CeeCee. He was raised by her aunt. There, in her aunt's family, CeeCee live with adults who are perfect. Aunt who nurture him like his own parents, helpers who not only helps business employer, but also as friends.

From some reviews that I browse, nearly all praised this novel. Some compare with The Help, a novel by Kathryn Stockett, who entered the ranks of NYTimes Best Seller. Similarity, is a southern charm, exploration in Latin karya2 simple but refreshing to read. Pascameninggalnya the mother, CeeCee dikeluarga raised his aunt, in Savannah, Georgia (, _Georgia) beautiful.

Readers will be swept away in the figures CeeCee: little girl who lives in a troubled family, her mother's stress, his father was busy himself with work, and he turned out to CAN! Moving to follow every part of the stories in this book, CeeCee innocence, childhood needs are not met by parents, and it finally paid off CeeCee sadness. He could not find the mother of his own mother, and finally he found on his aunt.

From here, readers will learn a lot from the story of CeeCee, how to be a good parent to his children.

About the Author and his work
Saving CeeCee Hoenycutt is the work of debutant Beth Hoffman. Even so, as the first work, the novel immediately reaped much praise (

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