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The Little Princess by Conor Grennan

Written by eastern writer on Friday, February 11, 2011

Title: Little Princess: One Man's Promise to Bring Home the Lost Children of Nepal
Author: Conor Grennan
Publisher: William Morrow
Agent: Maxima
Number of Pages: 304
Publication Date: January 25, 2011

One decade (1996-2006) war-torn Nepal. This crisis has paralyzed the economies in the poorest countries in the world. Among the victims who still need to be considered is, children victims of war.

During the war, tens of thousands of children trafficked by the rebels Mao. Most of them left so alone in the hills, valleys, near Kathmandu. The children were separated from their parents, some may have no family anymore. Next Genetaion Nepal ( is a non-governmental organization that works to save the future mission of the local children.

Conor Grennan was bored with his life that no longer challenges. He worked at an educational institution. He wanted to travel around the world. He feels his mission is possible, yet he had enough savings, after all, ida was single, childless wife, who is going to prevent it? It's a ridiculous obsession with a single person who wants to tell the success for his future wife one day, hahaha ....

Shoots beloved side dish arrived. He found the pamphlets to be a volunteer in Nepal. Cornor arrived in Nepal. The book The Little Prince to record what he was doing there. The story details. Opens with his arrival for the first time. How he must adapt to the social and cultural local residents. He mimicked speech, which he thinks as a greeting to say hello, like permissions. He said to everyone he met, and later he learned that the spoken to greet people turned out to be wrong, it means: hey what are you doing, wkkk ... not to mention the local people who have difficulty spelling his name "Conor". Repeatedly he repeated, locals thought him "Condlor" ... haha times kind in Japan that do not recognize the letter L, this is where the early introduction of the stunning language.

In the next story, the author recounts how difficult terrain he had to go through, the number of children who have diselematkan. I imagine he was doing all the activities while taking notes. This is as he wrote: "It turned out That writing everything down in the moment was critical Because the more time I spent in Nepal, the more normal these" strange "Became Things."

He must immediately record every peritiwa it, as if he did not want to let the first impression that soon melted. While noting he had to answer every question a child. Hey Bro, you're writing about? I'm noting what we are doing.

The report of this trip is very touching, written with reportage-direct, by written sipelaku own, and we as readers can feel the noise of children playing, mencekamnya atmosphere in Kathmandu, etc..

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  2. By Alyssa Jenkins on May 15, 2013 at 7:01 PM

    You might want to correct the title of the book. It's "Little PRINCES," not "princess."

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