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Maintenance Plus Chelation Program

Written by eastern writer on Tuesday, July 22, 2008

It is well known that over time chelation therapy will ultimately deplete your body's minerals. This is why it is essential that you replenish your body with the required minerals and vitamins during the chelation process. Essential Restore achieves this on the weeks that you are not chelating.

Cardio Restore offers you a safe, yet powerful and easy to follow oral chelation program. We invite you to complete our 9 week Chelation Plus Program and see for yourself that you can restore your health and quality of life.

Cardio Restore offers you a complete, all liquid oral EDTA chelation system that includes our liquid chelation formula, a liquid vitamin C&E and a liquid multi-vitamin/mineral supplement. EDTA Chelation therapy provides a total arterial cleanse that travels through every vein and artery in your entire body. By cleaning all of your veins and arteries you increase blood flow, which is what supplies oxygen and nutrients to your body (organs, tissues, muscles, nerves, etc.).

Cardio Restore Maintenance Plus Program is for those who have completed the 9 week Chelation Plus Program or have recently finished I.V. chelation therapy. This program helps you maintain your current level and can help to prevent future build up of excessive mineral and heavy metal deposits.

Vitamin C&E Restore is taken on the days your take Cardio Restore. Vitamins C & E help to fight free radicals and assist in the healing process. It is important to take Essential Restore only on the days you are not taking Cardio Restore to ensure that your body does not get mineral deficient or interfere with the chelation process.

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