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Chelation therapy effective to clean veins and arteries

Written by eastern writer on Wednesday, May 14, 2008

You may have these problems: hands, arms or legs feel cold or "go to sleep", your legs get aches or pains on short walks, you get breathless, your memory worse than it used to be, you are lacking the energy you once had, test results indicate cardiovascular problems?

The safe, fast and cheapest way to clean your veins and arteries is through Chelation Therapy. Your body is telling you that it is time to make a change and renew your health. Cardio Renew oral EDTA chelation therapy can help you answer your problem.

Why Cardio Renew for EDTA Chelation Therapy?

Unlike other oral chelation therapies, Cardio Renew offers the only 100% liquid EDTA oral chelation product on the market. Only liquid chelation therapy can provide you the time advantage of a fast and high absorption rate that immediately starts cleansing your entire cardiovascular system.

EDTA is the foundation of all effective chelation treatments. While other herbs, vitamins, minerals and amino acids may help contribute to a healthy cardiovascular system, it is always the EDTA that makes any chelation process successful. This is why Cardio Renew offers a pure 100% liquid EDTA product: to provide you the most effective oral chelation therapy available. And because Cardio Renew contains only EDTA; buffers, fillers or other ingredients will not interfere with the bioavailability, which increases the absorption rate and enhances the power of the EDTA chelation process.

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