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a special telephone with built-in spy bug

Written by eastern writer on Monday, April 21, 2008

Phone-007 is a special telephone with built-in spy bug, which allows user to record phone conversation and ambient sound in Phone-007 system. By using this tool, the owner of the phone will be able to secretly listen in from any other phone, playback all the recordings online and tracking call logs.

Phone-007 looks and works like an ordinary phone, but it can record every call made on the phone without user knowing it. It can also records ambient sound such as funny noise or conversation near the phone. The recording will start when ambient sound volume above threshold level set by user. The ambient sound can be recorded no matter the phone is in use or not.

Once a recording starts, user will get notified immediately by email, text message, or phone call based on user’s setting. While the recording is in progress, user can listen in by either picking up the notification phone call and eavesdropping right away, or calling local Phone-007 access number from any phone. In addition to eavesdropping in real time, user can login to to hear all the prior recording sessions through browser. Learn more about Phone-007 at

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