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Movie for a young poet: Il Postino

Written by eastern writer on Sunday, March 23, 2008

I have been watching movie which tell about how the great author write. Capote is one of my favorite movie. watching movie, sometimes give us another enjoyment. For you who are now learning to be a writer, I think, sometimes you need to play movie, especially when you are getting bored after reading a lot of thick books. If you are now trying to write poem, Il Postino. Il Postino portrays the story of a shy postman who develops a transformative friendship with the exiled Chilean poet Pablo Neruda.

This movie talked much about the meaning of metaphore. Neruda makes a poetry about the sea and the island and Mario, the postman, says the poetry makes him feel like a boat beating the word of the poetry. Neruda says he just made a metaphore. Mario concludes that the world is a metaphore to everything else. Neruda then becomes s speechless. Wow... this is really really great movie...

To get more information and critics about this films, these links may will help you:

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