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Written by eastern writer on Monday, July 30, 2007

I used to find literary information from a magazine. In my country, Indonesia, we hard to find any litarary magazines, it isn't that they're not sould in some bookstores, but it's caused there only a very little literary magazine that provide good quality information, both in writing style and its contents.

So that why, I prefer to find them from the internet. And this is the results which i got from, some literary magazines around the world. I think you sholud check it to find more about contemporary literary documentations:

3AM Magazine
Brings you the hottest in online literature, entertainment, and music.

Magazine of short speculative fiction.

Apple Valley Review
Online literary magazine featuring a collection of poetry, short fiction, and essays.

Barcelona Review
English-Spanish ezine offering the best of contemporary fiction.

Blackbird Foreword
Online journal publishing poetry, fiction, drama, essays, interviews, reviews and visual arts explorations by widely known and emerging talents.

Bloomsbury Magazine
Blend of literary magazine, reference library, publisher and bookshop, aimed at delivering the literary life direct to the computer screens of book-lovers, readers and writers.

Born Magazine
Experimental venue marrying literary arts and interactive media.

Boston Review
Political and literary magazine featuring the best in cultural debate, fiction, poetry, and reviews.

Expatriate Literary Circle
"Designed to bring together a group of intellects looking to share good classic reads and stimulating discussions."

Exquisite Corpse
Art and literary journal, edited by writer Andrei Codrescu.
Online quarterly that publishes original works of fiction, poetry and art.

Respectable quarterly magazine publishing fiction, personal history, reportage and inquiring journalism. Also features documentary photography.

Istanbul Literature Review
International literary magazine from Turkey.

Jacket Magazine
Australian review of new writing, with poetry, creative prose, interviews, reviews, and informative feature articles.

Literary Review
Quality fiction, poetry, and essays from many nations to English readers.

Little Magazine
Largely translations from the South Asian languages.

Mad Hatters' Review
Multimedia magazine featuring "edgy and enlightened literature, art and music in the age of dementia".

Me Three
Small online magazine publishing both non-fiction and fiction.

Mississippi Review
Quarterly journal primarily devoted to short fiction.

Narrative Magazine
Features fiction and nonfiction, with writers such as Rick Bass, Joyce Carol Oates, Jane Smiley, Tobias Wolff, as well as emerging writers.

New England Review
Sample works of fiction, poetry, and nonfiction from the print quarterly.

Nuvein Magazine
Features fiction, poetry, film, and music.

Painted Bride Quarterly
Philadelphia-based literary magazine publishing poetry, fiction, essays and art.

Paris Review
Selected pieces from international literary quarterly focusing on original creative work - fiction and poetry- not to the exclusion of criticism.

Per Contra
Online magazine for art, fiction, interviews and book reviews.

Pif Magazine
Poetry and short stories by emerging writers, as well as book, CD, movie reviews and political commentary.

Good samples from current and recent issues of respected literary magazine.

Red China
Magazine of literature and the arts that "offers a “pool” unique by nature".

Richmond Review
Online British monthly offering short fiction, poetry, travel essays, and book reviews.

Threepenny Review
Prestigious quarterly magazine, featuring reading room, art gallery, excerpts from past and current issues, and ways to subscribe.

Timothy McSweeney's Internet Tendency
Literary magazine edited by Dave Eggers.

Underground Voices
Monthly magazine "about addictions, alcoholism, mental illnesses, psychiatric sessions, torments, confessions, purging".

Web Del Sol
Portal hosting over 25 literary publications and publishing original fiction, poetry, essays, and reviews.

Word Riot
Online literary magazine of experimental and non-genre prose and poetry.

Words Without Borders
Undertakes to promote international communication through translation of the world's best writing - selected and translated by a distinguished group of writers and translators.

Mixed genre e-zine, includes fiction, poetry, interviews.

Zoetrope: All-Story
Magazine, founded by Francis Ford Coppola, featuring online submissions and reviews of short stories.

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