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"Please Look after Mom" listed on NY Times Best Seller April 2011

Written by son of rambow on Sunday, April 17, 2011

Novel kyeong-suk Shin, titled 'Please Look after Mom' which is translated in English, listed on the New York Times bestseller, April 2011.

According to KL Management which handles copyright works kyeong Shin-suk, a novel 'Please Look after Mom' was ranked 21st in the category of stairs bestselling novel 'The New York Times' to be published on 24th April.

This rank based on the number of book sales during the week starting on the 3rd. Meanwhile, the novel 'Please Look after Mom' officially sold in the United States since April 5 last.

KL Menagement add a famous literary publishing company 'Khnopff' in the United States has published one hundred thousand volumes in the first issue was published and even longer for the issuance of the fifth.

The entry of Korea into the stairs bestselling novel 'The New York Times' is the first time it lasted.

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