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Ratna Indraswari Ibrahim Dead

Written by son of rambow on Monday, March 28, 2011

Indonesian fiction writer, Ratna Indraswari Ibrahim, died on Monday morning at around 9:55 pm. She died at the age of 61 years.

"Before he died, he had three times the Anfal. Sunday 10 am and 4 pm. Continue to the third Anfal 4 o'clock this morning. After that blood tension continued to fall, the upper bound 93 and under 54," Siro, the author's adoptive boy.

Ratna was treated in RSSA since Saturday (26 / 3). According Siro, she diagnosis suffered a stroke, heart, lung, and diabetes. On the first day Rachel also briefly hospitalized unconscious. Previously, Rachel was hospitalized four days since 15 March and then treated six days since 18 March.

Two years ago, the writer born in Malang, 24 April 1949, was also once a week in the RSSA hospitalized since Wednesday, December 4, 2009. The assessment showed that there was a blockage in the head and partially blocked blood vessels that had broken.

At that time she was taken to hospital after experiencing dizziness and tremors or prolonged seizures in his right hand. Additionally, parts of the body difficult to move the right side. Rachel convicted suffered a mild stroke. Experienced similar symptoms this year.

Maintenance costs of Rp 24 million when it is borne brother, friend, friends, acquaintances, and donors. They are from religious backgrounds of professions such as journalists, pro-democracy activists, writers and other artists.

However, this year Ratna run out of money so that some friends held a fund-raising solidarity action by opening a personal account of Rachel.

In a conversation, Ratna said, never seriously ill. He was maintaining a diet that was always healthy and fit. He was often feel tired because involved in many activities.

According to Ratna, she is keeping your diet and lifestyle. Rachel eating enough and even then usually only five spoons of rice. He would prefer a breakfast with bread and eggs. He also diligently eating vegetables and fruits.

Ratna disabled since childhood. But he is known productive. There are about 400 short stories and serialized stories, plus dozens of novels, which he created. Because of disability, the sixth child of 11 siblings of the couple Saleh Ibrahim and Siti Bidahsari Arifin's dead-both-it "writing" with his memory. He dictated the story line, his assistant who wrote the hand or typed with a typewriter or computer.

Some of his works (a collection of short stories and novels), among others, Special Gift, By morning, her name is Massa, The play in Twilight Town, Sumi and drawings, Weak Cape, Chinatown in the city of Malang, and Lipstick in a Bag Doni.

Weak Cape novel is dedicated to the residents who oppose the construction of luxury housing on town forest land. Housing is now named Ijen Nirwana Residence belongs to the Bakrie Group. In fact, Rachel was involved in discussions and demonstrations against the transfer of functions of the urban forest into luxury housing.

Ratna is also known as socio-cultural activist who co-founded and take care of Bhakti Conscience Foundation, NGO Entropic Malang, Malang Pajoeng Cultural Foundation, and the Forum Pelangi Malang.

Recipient of several awards in the fields of literature and feminism had never participated in seminars and training abroad.

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  2. By Anonymous on April 10, 2011 at 9:10 AM

    Mas, tolonglah bahasa Inggrisnya diperbaiki. Duh, amburadul gitu. Jadi ga nyaman baca isinya...


  3. By Anonymous on April 11, 2011 at 6:42 PM

    haha... iya tulisan ini ditranslate dari google translate, belum sempet diedit lagi... makasih sudah mengingatkan...

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