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The Twilight Phenomenon

Written by eastern writer on Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Have you read the Twilight saga? If not, you are one of the only people in the world who haven't. Okay, maybe not that extreme, but most tweens certainly have read the book, and seen the movie. The book Twilight, by Stephenie Meyers has taken the tween world by storm. It is a saga about humans and vampires. It is a fantastic story that has captured the hearts and minds of tweenage girls everywhere. Here are some of the reasons why Twilight is such a big deal:

Gives teen girls a story they can relate to.
One of the reasons Twilight is so popular among tweens is that it is about girls just slightly older than they are. It talks about first love, the awkward stages of trying to fit in, and being a girl. It helps these teens feel like the challenges they face, the dreams they have of having a boy notice them, and more are not just normal, but that the ultimate dream of acceptance is possible. Bella, the lead girl in Twilight is liked by most of the guys in the school. Girls want to relate to it.

The girl who gets the unattainable boy.
One of the main reasons this story has taken the world by storm is that it offers the fulfillment of every tween girl's fantasy. The unattainable, good looking, amazing guy, that every girl in the school secretly fantasizes about likes her! This is the guy that every girl wants, and in the story, the awkward, new girl who isn't exactly sure of herself is the one who gets him. This gives tween girls hope. It sets their hearts all a flutter. It gives them a glimpse into a world they dream about, and it is fun to visit it.

Fun escape into fantasy world.
In addition to being relatable, and a book that gets tween girl's hearts a beating, it also offers a fun escape into fantasy world. There are vampires, and werewolves, and mythical, fantastic creatures. There is endless money, beauty, and ability, which makes these people and stories not just fun and interesting, but something entertaining and fascinating.

With over 40 million books sold in 40 countries it is not surprising, but interesting that tweens love this story so much. This story gives them a fun, fantastic love story to cling to. It gives them a fun way to be entertained.

The Twilight Saga took the tween world by storm because it has everything humans, especially girls age 8-12, get passionate about. Good, bad, fantasy, love, the sensitive brooding leading guy, the dorky, but beautiful girl, a love triangle with people fighting over the girl, love struck teens, and all more as a normal part of everyday life. It is a phenomenon because kids want these stories to be their own realities, so they can get lost in it, and enjoy it.


Beverly Frank is mom to two young kids and a writer. Visit for more parenting advice and ideas.

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