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Burning Quran, Burning Book, Burning the masterpieces of world literature

Written by eastern writer on Monday, September 20, 2010

I can't believe people are talking about burning books. What stupid things people can make themselves believe. The Quran and the King James Bible are masterpieces of world literature. One cannot understand Arab writings, from Ibn Khaldūn to One Thousand and One Arabian Nights, without a knowledge of the Quran. Likewise one cannot understand the English literature in toto - let alone English language - without a deep understanding of the style of the KJV. Along with threads dreaming about reigniting the Crusades, these stultifying topics are a disservice to the religion which claims the university as a proud invention. The same religion whose book pleads, "Come, let us reason together" (Isaiah 1:18) has adhereants so insecure they would dare destroy written words.

Firstly, last I checked Christ died for Muslims as well as Catholics; Christ died for all mankind. As such, Mohammedans are not dogs. Secondly, the same religion which you implicitly “defend” with your above comment also forbids the insult (i.e.: dog) that you used (cf. Mt. 5:22).

Now to address the matter at hand. It is generally understood that the Quran is to Islam what the Bible is to Christianity. This is an incorrect notion. The Quran is to Islam with the Blessed Sacrament is to Christianity. (Islamic Ahadith are like the Christian Gospels in terms of use and content.) Just as the holiest activity of a Catholic is the reception of Communion, there is no holier act in Islam than singing the Quran. Both are considered the actual Word of God in their respective traditions. You would not laugh at St. Tarcisius for being curb-stomped in filth, nor would you call him a dog. Show a little respect to your fellow creatures in humanity. If you have beef with the Quran then reason like a man about it.[source]

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