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Why does philosophy become drivel

Written by son of rambow on Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I'm all for getting my hands dirty in a philosophical discussion. Questioning everything and taking nothing at face value is how I try to live my life. However, when does philosophical reflection cross the border into the Republic of Rubbish? And Why?

From my own personal experience, I've noticed it gets people's eyes rolling when the situation is tense and they want direct, concrete answers to a problem or crisis. Is a truly philosophical view only tolerated when people have the luxury of time? Outside of the world of Academia, at what point does Philosophy become something far less helpful or desirable?

#Philosophy is complete waste of time.

No, it's not. Penicillin and moon missions cannot cure the void that the consciousness creates between life and its purpose or meaning. All our scientific prowess is keeping us alive and busy; busy, because idleness and silence yield to thoughts, and then you sink into the sea of tranquility that not only questions the worth of your existence but also the why of it.

Every aspect of modern humans -- be it the social structure, politics, science, law, religion and even business has stemmed from the roots of philosophical investigations of everyday life. To deny philosophy is to deny thoughts and wisdom. But then it would be only philosophical to question the importance and relevance of questioning itself.

Is philosophy dying? Yes, the academia is killing it. They have reduced it to a formal set of analytical tools, and only the professionals are licensed to think.


You've reminded me of a philosophy class I took in junior college on the study of ethics. I love philosophy, and the fact that the ability to think and mentally construct all of these different notions of life is something the human race has apart from other species on the planet. Thinking, and/or (? ) is one of those aspects unique to us and as such we're able to relate to outside circumstances and other people. I agree that philosophy has had groundwork within other branches like science and politics. However, the class I took was three hours in duration, 7:00 - 10:00 p.m. on a Monday night after working a job full time that day. Sitting in a seminar under these circumstances can DEFINITELY stalemate one's interest in philosophy and leave one a bit frustrated that there "are no right answers" - especially lacking dinner.

So I agree that in a practical and life living busy scenario...dealing with philosophy can seem pretty much like rubbish. Yet I value it highly and in its proper time.

Just my bit of rubbish!!

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