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best building design with economic budget

Written by son of rambow on Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Are you looking for models of exit signs that are more energy efficient, modern in design, and higher quality, many hand made in America? is a purchasing and education resource for those seeking information on the subtle yet remarkable difference a modern exit sign can make to their building's energy system.

Exit Signs will help you improve building design with minimal financial impact and ecological impact.

EXIT SIGNS uses innovative photoluminescent technology to make eco-friendly non-electrical exit signs that glow in the dark and are code compliant. The significance of changing one sign over to GreenTorch™ technology saves up to $40 per year of electricity costs and prevents up to 6 light bulbs per sign from being discarded and replaced.

Furthermore using GreenTorch™ photoluminescent technology removes the needs for battery backup systems in exit sign preventing ni-cad and sealed lead acid batteries from improper disposal. There are estimates of 100 - 300 million exit signs in the US, many of them relying on outdated and energy wasting technology. The time to change is now. GreenTorch brings you the best in commerical safety lighting.

Every building manager knows the difficulty of maintaining the proper working conditions of the exit and emergency lighting system of the property. OSHA requirements are sometimes overwhelming and get pushed to the back burner. Then one day the fire inspector walks in and cites the facility for lack of compliance.

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