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Omega fish oil

Written by eastern writer on Friday, February 27, 2009

Omega 3 has been helping people improve their quality of life. The problem is that getting Omega 3 from diet alone isn't the easiest thing to do. You’ve probably heard of Omega fish oil but you may not know what it is or where it comes from.

You can find Fish oil omega 3 fatty acids such as Hoki, Salmon and tuna. However, some of the fish that Omega fish oil is found in contains toxins such as mercury and dioxin. Because of this, many health professionals advise that you don’t eat too much fish each week.

Besides eating fish, you can get Omega fish oil in the form of fish oil pills. These pills are created using the Omega fish oil in order to give you the Omega 3 fatty acids your body needs.

It’s important to understand that just because your Omega fish oil is coming in pill form, doesn’t mean it’s free of toxins and good for you. Pharmaceutical grade fish oil, such as the fish oil pills available at this website can provide you with the Omega 3 fish oil you need without causing you to ingest harmful toxins and chemicals.

Designed by skilled physicians from Yale University, Omax3 is a pharmaceutical-grade omega-3 supplement made from highly purified fish oil. It offers an unprecedented level of purity, potency and freshness – as well as a perfected balance of the omega-3 essential fatty acids EPA and DHA.

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