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Positioning the literary works translation

Written by eastern writer on Thursday, January 22, 2009

Many of the works of writers who have been translated into Bahasa Indonesia. The predominant form in the paper is novel, short story and essay. Works of literature for the type of poetry is relatively rare. Perhaps because the translation of poetry is not an easy job.

Although the translation of works of literature can not spelled out as a publishing project, which benefits, but many publishers and authors who use this land. For those who use this project, to be sure 90% because of non-profit factor, but the more because of the love to literature.

It works for the western literature, books of translation would help them to be able to read them in a language that is more familiar. But for those who want to make it as a source of criticism of literature, still seems to be facing a number of constraints. Ideally it would be more satisfactory if the primary source because there will be many bagaian-bagaian the tereduksi, who lost in the process of that language.

Then, where the literary works translation will be positioned in the world of literary criticism?

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