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The Superior and Inferior Complex

Written by eastern writer on Thursday, October 09, 2008

Over the arrogant expression of the superior complex, the man advertises and emphasizes the own vanity. By the way, the vanity is artificial wall, made by a plaster, which cracks and wears away under the tooth of time. Along by all human principles to use it as visa to go through the field of progressives, we can call a non-sense. It can take you two steps ahead and immediately take you ten ones backward, into unexpected regress. The forward and backward game makes the man to slide in the mental extreme. In the phase of mental extreme are produced layers of FEAR that means much more expressive superior complex-aggressive behavior. The aggresive behavior reaches the higher points when the vanity is not accept on the imagined way, so it showed through the peoples' reactions. The demonstration of the aggressive behavior showed-over, ordering, playing the lead role, proposition of incompetent solution for some problem.

The mentioned machanical access discovered man's dullness and emptiness. The sensitive body mechanism who uses the fear as fuel mutilated the ability for objectivity. It only talks and when it is necessary to act, disappears. Much louder tone, too much quantity of activated fear.

The un-natural posture of the body represents a big fight not to allow the fear to come out and betray it. The other people must not notice sub- mediocrity. The performance of the exhibitionism means aversion to melt itself with the crowd. It is a centre of attention-the life motto.

The fear, blade of suspicion dismissed intoxication by the public applause. Now, the lonesome man faced up with the second face. During this bitter process with reality begins to grow the power so-called revenge manifested through offences and humiliation. The cruel fact is, a man caught by two, in same time.

The advertisement and revenge are un-successful done. Than, the man will withdraw into a shell and it is going to plan a new beginning. It starts with hypocrisy for a few moments it turns onto poltroonery. It loves the world, into its heart plays the music of humanity, but not for a long. The vanity chained into a cage, knocks on, kicks, pushes, twinkles to back the rule's position.

The final we can see, appear a clown but this time we do not hear the public applause than ironic endless laughing.

Outpouring of the inferior complex is determination to personal failure. The static mental status becomes because of the one- dimensional perception to the things and the last one approach because of the delicate emotional state.

The reasons for inferior complex are the base for different type of emotions whose keep the man into passive and inertly position. By the congestion of emotions, a man lost possibilities for real knowledge about current activities. Although it has an access to the things, carries out logical solutions and answers for the problems, its indifference means the fear by the public critical attitude and estimation, even to be favorable. It would be please if realize only minimal needs.

The motto life is isolation that evades a man to find some impulse as initial point.

The personal self-intolerance leads a man to self-compassion. While it spent a time for self- compassion, it must to move the other process, focus the system for accepting the impulse for evaluation.

Before this must to get seriously into the substance of the reasons for expression of inferior complex.

The superior and superior complex is code inside our genes-no escapisms.


This article written by Marjana Zisovska. Marjana live in Republic of Macedonia, write short-stories. Email:

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