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Literature and Stylistics for Language Learners

Written by eastern writer on Saturday, August 16, 2008

Literature and Stylistics for Language Learners
Theory and Practice

Edited by Greg Watson and Sonia Zyngier
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From Palgrave Macmillan
Pub date: Feb 2007
260 pages
Size 5 1/2 x 8 1/4
$80.00 - Hardcover (1-4039-8799-8)


This volume presents the state of the art in terms of stylistic research and application, including EFL and ESL language classroom situations. Some of the most prominent scholars from a variety of backgrounds in the field of pedagogical stylistics show how theory, empirical studies and new technology, including corpus analysis, can be integrated into the classroom. This volume is suitable for all those interested in keeping abreast of the most recent developments in literature and language education.

Author Bio
GREG WATSON is a Senior Lecturer in the Foreign Languages Department of the University of Joensuu, Eastern Finland.

SONIA ZYNGIER is Associate Professor of English Language and Literature at the Postgraduate Programme of Applied Linguistics at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Table of contents
Foreword--R.Carter * Preface * Notes on Contributors * PART 1: THEORETICAL PERSPECTIVES * Stylistics in Second Language Contexts: A Critical Perspective--G.Hall * On Teaching Literature Itself--P.Stockwell * PART 2: NEW APPROACHES * When the Students Become the Teachers: A Practical Pedagogy--J.Gavins & J.Hodson * "The Shudder of the Dying Day in Every Blade of Grass". Whose Words? Voice, Veracity and the Question of Realism--J.Mcrae * Analysing Literature Through Films--R.Montoro * Discourse Stylistics and Detective Fiction: A Case Study--U.Clark * PART 3: CORPUS STYLISTICS * Corpus Stylistics as Discovery Procedure--D.E.Hardy * Literary Worlds as Collocation--B.Louw * Investigating Student Reactions to a Web-based Stylistics Course in Different National and Educational Settings--M.Short, B.Busse & P.Plummer * PART 4: STYLISTICS, GRAMMAR AND DISCOURSE * From Syntax to Schema: Teaching Flannery O'Connor in the Persian Gulf--D.L.Gugin * Non-Standard Grammar in the Teaching of Language and Style--P.Simpson * Language Teaching Through Gricean Glasses--J.Zerkowitz * PART 5: AWARENESS AND COGNITION * Attention Directed Literary Education: An Empirical Investigation--D.I.Hanauer * What Reading Does to Readers. Stereotypes, Foregrounding and Language Learning--W.Van Peer & A.Nousi * Revisiting Literary Awareness--S.Zyngier, O.Fialho & Prado Rios * Index

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