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Guides to Philosophy on the Internet (1)

Written by eastern writer on Saturday, June 28, 2008

Guides in Czech

  • Filosofové. Anonymous.

  • Guides in Chinese
  • Taiwan Super Logos Philosophy Web. Also available in English.

  • Guides in Danish
  • Filosofi på Internettet. From Keld B. Jessen.
  • Lade's Guide til Filosofi. From Thomas Ladegaard. link dead; alternate link, not working either -->

  • Guides in Dutch
  • Filosofiebeoefening in Nederland en België. From Lidie Koeneman.

  • Filosofie op het Internet. Anonymous.

  • Guides in English
  • Björn's Guide to Philosophy. One of the best early web guides to philosophy, no longer updated. From Björn Christensson.

  • Blackwell Publishers' Guide to On-line Philosophy Resources

  • Chinese University of Hong Kong Guide to Philosophy. From the CUHK's Research Institute for the Humanities.

  • DynaWeb's Philosophy Aide. From DynaWeb creations.

  • Eastern and Western Philosophy. From Prakash Arumugam.

  • EINet Galaxy Guide to Philosophy

  • Episteme Links. From Tom Stone. One of the larger collections of philosophy links. (Based in part on this Guide.)

  • Field Nodes, Philosophy. From Phil Hughes.

  • Guide to Philosophy and Logic. From Paul Wong.

  • Learning and Teaching Support Network. Subject center for philosophy and religious studies. From Nik Jewell and David Mossley.

  • My Virtual Encyclopedia of Philosophy and Religion. From Bob Drudge. Searchable.

  • Nerd World Philosophy

  • Net-Resources in Philosophy. From the University of Vienna.

  • Noesis. "Philosophical Research On-Line." Structured searching of a database of online philosophy texts. The future of scholarly web searching, browsing, and organizing. From Anthony Beavers and his IALab. (Disclaimer: I am a co-editor.)

  • Philosopher's Almanac. Philosophy Department of Miami University of Ohio.

  • Philosophia. From Douglas Portmore.

  • Philosophy. Philosophy section of Edited by Rich Gray.

  • Philosophy. From LookSmart.

  • Philosophy. From Sirius Forensiks.

  • Philosophy and Theory. From the Eclectic Diner.

  • Philosophy Around the Web. From Peter King.

  • Philosophy at Large. From Stephen Clark, University of Liverpool. Also available in French.

  • Philosophy in Cyberspace. From Dey Alexander. Includes online updates to the book of the same title. Very thorough and well-organized. If speed is a problem, try the U.S. Mirror.

  • Philosophy Links. From the System of Life Institute.

  • Philosophy Links. From Frederik Boven.

  • Philosophy Meta-Links. From Leslie Jones. Links to general guides to philosophy on the internet.

  • Philosophy on the Web. From Arno Wouters. No longer updated.

  • Philosophy Pages. From Dieter Köhler. Also available in German.

  • Philosophy Portal. From Philosophical Services. Registration required.

  • Philosophy Related Resources on the Internet. From Peter Morville and Stephen Clark.

  • Philosophy Research Base. From and Villanova University. Large, well-annotated, searchable.

  • Philosophy Resources on the Internet. From Frank Edler.

  • Philosophy Resources on the Network

  • The Philosophy Site. From David Thunder.

  • Philosophy Sites on the Internet. From Yossi Mamroud for the Philosophy Department of Tel-Aviv University.

  • Philosophy Sources on the Internet. From Fiona Steinkamp.

  • Public Sphere. From Paul Ashton.

  • RBJ's Philosophy Page. From Roger B. Jones.
  • Routledge's Guide to Philosophy Resources on the Internet
  • Sean's One-Stop Philosophy Shop. From Sean Cearley. Formerly one of the best, but no longer regularly updated.

  • The Source. From Mary Long.

  • Voice of the Shuttle Philosophy Page. From Alan Liu.

  • Virtual Library Guide to Philosophy

  • A Window to Philosophy. From Sandro Reis. Also available in Portuguese. (Based in part on this Guide.)

  • The Window: Philosophy On The Internet. From Chris Marvin and Frank Sikernitsky.

  • The World of Street Philosophers. From Jian-Hui Tjong. Large, but much is in Chinese.

  • WWW Philosophy Sites.

  • WWW Resources in Philosophy

  • Yahoo Guide to Philosophy

  • Zeroland. From Adrian Hart.

  • Guides in Finnish
  • Filosofia Internetissä. From Petri Ylikoski

  • Filosofinen Aikakauslehti. From the journal, Niin & Näin.

  • Ulkomaiset Linkit Filosofia. -->

  • Guides in French

  • Choix de sites philosophiques. A section within the site, Philosophie, Informatique, Mathématiques, from Patrick Peccatte. Based in part on this Guide.

  • Petit guide de ressources en philosophie . From Stephen Clark, University of Liverpool. A larger version is also available in English.

  • La Philosophie sur Internet. From Josette Lanteigne.

  • Guides in German

  • Annettes Philosophenstübchen. From Annette Schlemm.

  • The Camillo Schrimpf Page. Especially on philosophy, literature, and psychoanalysis. From Camillo Schrimpf.

  • Deutscher Philosophie-Knoten

  • Philosophie, Logik und Wissenschaftstheorie. From Herbert Huber.

  • Nützliche Adressen für Philosophen. From Armin Fingerhut.

  • PhilNet. From the University of Hamburg. Very thorough.
  • Philosophers Today. Despite the English name, this is a German guide. "Der Philosophie-Bahnhof für jeden." From Joachim Koch.

  • Philosophie. A section within the larger Wissenschaftliches InformationsSystem (WIS). From Wolfgang Melchior.

  • Philosophie im Internet. From Karsten Wilkens.

  • Philosophie-Ressourcen. From Haimar-Supriatno Staib. Very thorough.

  • Philosophie-Sieten. From Dieter Köhler. Very thorough.

  • Philosophisches Internet. From Claus Oszuszky. Large and searchable.

  • Philosophy. From Uwe Wiedemann. Very thorough.

  • Links on philosophy, literature, and culture. From Joerg Wittkewitz.

  • ZAS — Agentur für Philosophie und Wissenstransfer. From ZAS, Agentur für Philosophie und Wissenstransfer.

  • Guides in Italian
  • Altre risorse di Filosofia in Rete. From the Laboratorio Autogestito di Filosofia. -->

  • E'Tempo di Filosofia. From Pierpaolo Redondo.

  • Filosofia in Italia. From Davide Fasolo.

  • Filosofia morale. From Giuseppe Modica.

  • Internet Italia: Filosofia
  • Le risorse filosofiche in Internet. From Alessandro Bazziga. -->

  • Risorse Filosofiche in Rete. From University of Genoa Department of Philosophy.

  • Servizio Web Italiano per la Filosofia (SWIF). From Luciano Floridi.

  • Guides in Japanese
  • Philosophy Web Sites in Japan. From K. Nagasaki. Also available in English.

  • Guides in Norwegian
  • Filosofi - Idehistorie. From Nils P. Lie-Gjeseth. Also available in English

  • Guides in Polish
  • Polska Siec Filozoficzna. From Krzysztof Kudlacik.

  • Guides in Portuguese
  • Conexões filosóficas. From Desidério Murcho.

  • Consciência. From Miguel Duclós.

  • Filosofia. From Desidério Murcho.

  • Filosofia. From Paulo Francisco Slomp.

  • Guia da Filosofia na Internet. From António Rodrigues Gomes. (Based on this Guide.)

  • Katalog Filozofia w Internecie. From Maciej Soin. (Based in part on this Guide.)

  • Uma Janela para a Filosofia. From Sandro Reis. Also available in English. (Based in part on this Guide.)

  • Guides in Romanian
  • The Romanian Philosophical Portal on Higher Education. From Viorel Guliciuc. Under construction. All pages will be published in Romanian, English, and French.

  • Guides in Russian
  • Philosophical Resources on the Internet. Portions available in English. If speed is a problem, try this mirror site. From Rinat Ischakov.

  • Philosophy in Russia. From Maxim Lebedev.

  • Guides in Spanish
  • Anábasis digital Portal Bibliográfico de Filosofía. From Anábasis. (Annoying music.)

  • Guía de Recursos de Filosofía en Internet. From Jesús Hernández Reynés. Also available in in Catalan.

  • Proyecto Filosofía en Español. From Gustavo Bueno.

  • Recursos de Filosofía en Español. From José Filgueiras.

  • Red Filosofica Peruana. From a growing group of Peruvian philosophers.

  • Guides in Swedish
  • Filosofi. From Yiva Holm.

  • The Philosophy Net. From Daniel Rönnedal. Portions available in English.

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