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Ode for Kartini

Written by eastern writer on Thursday, March 20, 2008

I’m really disturbed by the poem,
They provoked women are suppressed,
Women were exprorieted her right.

Huh! It’s only your simply-mind.
May you pretend to be fool?

Across the ocean, west-to-east and south-to-north,
Women become suppressor.
Their seductions indoctrinate your passion.
They stab ahead, frankly,
But, you do not realize.
When you get up but was too late,
You are dispointed but,
time can’t be replayed.

Then, why you keep defending on them,
While you never got your right,
You are all being raped,
Your feeling, your thought, and
Your self-respect!
Which one is more cruel!

That’s why, now
Do not read the poem any more,
Besides for your mother, really,
She is the rasonable women,
We give respect,
Not them, not you!

Kartini should be cry knowing this,
She is know dispointed why did she used to defend her people,
If to day they turn in to be a suppressor.

by Hans, April 2006. In memorian to Kartini, former Indonesian female emantipation struggler.

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