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Artwork inspired by Dostoevsky

Written by eastern writer on Thursday, February 07, 2008

"DUST" -- Mike Battaglia's

"Dostoevsky's Gamble" -- A Play in Two Acts by Lance Wilcox
"The Possessed" -- A Proposal for a Dramatic Rewrite

"In Raskolnikov's St. Petersburg" -- A Short Story by Rosa Liksom
"More Encounters" -- Original Fiction (from The Other St. Petersburg)
"Of Lice and Men" -- A Parody of Crime & Punishment

"Four Nights of a Dreamer" -- An Original Film
"Music For December" -- An Original Film by Ivan Dykhovichnyi
"Notes From Underground" -- A CD-ROM Movie
Dostoevsky Biography Video
Filmography for Fyodor Dostoyevsky (provided by IMDB)

"From The House of the Dead" - Original Music by Leos Janacek

"Do You Do Or Think?" -- A Poem By Jonathan Chisdes
"The Pancake" -- A Poem by Dan Katak

Visual Art
"Crime and Punishment" -- A Painting by
"Raskolnikov" -- A Painting by Amy Coyle

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