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Digging to America by Anne Tyler

Written by eastern writer on Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Digging to America by Anne Tyler tells the story of two families who meet at the airport when they are adopting Korean infants. The Donaldson family is as all-American as they come. The Yazdans are Iranian immigrants. Digging to America uses the story of the families' growing friendship to explore what it means to be American.

Tyler is an exquisite writer who draws you into the Digging to America, making it a very worthwhile read.

Digging to America by Anne Tyler is about what it means to belong, and what makes someone an outsider. All of the characters in Tyler's novel are unique and complex, and we get to hear from many of them since the chapters switch perspectives; however, Digging to America centers on Maryam Yazdan, the grandmother in a family of Iranian immigrants.

Each year the Donaldsons and Yazdans get together to celebrate the day their adopted daughters arrived from Korea. Families mix, cultures clash and Maryam Yazdan struggles with whether she loves the Arrival Day tradition or disdains it, whether she loves the Donaldsons or finds them too typically American, and whether she belongs in these celebrations or will forever be an outsider.

Digging to America is a story that will draw you in. It is full of fun pictures of life and believable voices. At less than 300 pages, it is a quick read, but not a frivolous one. This is a book you will be glad you picked up, and it will be even better if you can discuss it with your book club or friends.


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